Eror CE0127 Missing argument for parameter

I´m trying to use microflows to define name of objective and based on that it will show different page.  However there is error which shows me that I´m missing argument.  I found on forum that I should create objecct before showing page.  Is it necessary? For sure the error disapear but it creates object I don´t want. 
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Hello Petr,


It depends if the entity that you want to show on the page(the parametre of the page) already exists but is not yet accessible in your microflow you can retrieve it from the database, if it is already accessible in the microflow for example your microflow parameter CHEWS Areas you do not have to create it anymore and give that as the parameter. If it is not existing and you want to show information of the parameter on your page or you want to use your parameter on your page then you have to create it.


Hope this helps


Good luck!