need to filter the list based on the selected date

Hi experts, ACtually I am trying to create a time slot booking app.  So here I have added one entity in which I add the detail like time slot and day and number of slots available. Please find the screenshot below     Here I create the timeslot aobject. My requirement is, I want to have a page where at the top I select the date, and wrt that date it should give me list of slots dynamically. so in that list i can later book a slot. Currently what I have created: Here I am not getting the list as per the date selected. If there is any other approach for this requirement, please let me know. Thanks in advance.  
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You could create a second entity. For example SelectionHelper.(Reference association to TimeSlot). In the SelectionHelper create an attribute Date. 


Create a Dataview for entity SelectionHelper (where the user can fill in the date they need).


Then place a listview (inside the Dataview) which shows a list based on a microflow. In that microflow make sure the listview only shows objects where the given date from the SelectionHelper is the same as the date in the TimeSlot. Or, I'm not really sure what you want, that the given date from the SelectionHelper is in between the Day and EndTime of TimeSlot.