How to commit object into database and reuse it by another user before completion of microflow

Once the user clicks on a button, a microflow is called in which I am committing the object in database and I am calling a REST function in another microflow where i want to retrieve the object from database. But I am unable to do this because the object is not getting committed in the database as the first microflow has not completed. How to solve this because I want the object to be committed in the database before the microflow transaction ends.
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Hello Meghna,


You need to start and finish your transaction in your first microflow before you can retrieve it with the REST in the other.

You can use for this the object handling actions; 


Start transaction and end transaction:


see also:


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Hi Meghna,


I don't know whether it works or not, Check with this suggestion.

Use After Commit Event and keep that REST Call in that microflow to retrieve that object.


Correct me if I'm wrong.