Encryption of microflow URL

Hello, I have created a microflow and created a microflow url using URL feature of microflow. In the url the parameter is ID of book. This URL need to be shared with anonymous user, who can hit the url and directly microflow get executed.Because of this we want to encrypt the URL. For now the microflow URL looks something like this : http://localhost:8080/p/BookCraft/my-book-bookname I want to make this url as encrypted.  Let me know how to achieve it in mendix 10.6.4   Please help me out, its urgent.   Thanks, Trishla
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You could use a service like bit.ly to encrypt the url.  bit.ly has an API you could use to generate a shortened url from the Mendix url.  


What part of the url do you want to encrypt?  Why does it need to be encrypted?