How do I Distribute rewards to multiple users in my application

I have an application where if the user creates an idea he gets a reward as gems but If the Idea is created with the help of team then the reward should be divided among them how can I achieve this in Mendix 9.24? the rewards is an attribute in entity Idea and Idea participants is also an attribute in Idea 
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In your scenario you should be able to keep track of:

  • Ideas
  • User/person
  • Team
  • Point rewarded

Most simple domain model would look like this




Based on this domain model, you can create an idea as person.

  1. When submitted as single person, then a reward with an amount of points can be assigned to the person. The sum of all rewarded points is the amount of total points.
  2. When submitted as person with help of the team, then the idea is referenced to both Person and Team. Each person of the team gets an reward with the amount of points divided by the number of persons in the team. The sum of all rewarded points referencing a person is the amount of total points of each individual person.

To achieve this you need a bit of microflow magic and pages