Sign In microflow configuration

I have an anonymous user who can add products to their cart. When they try to log in as a buyer, all the items in the anonymous user's cart will be added to their buyer cart. How can I configure the Sign-In microflow?
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Hi Naga praneetha Varada,


The products in the cart added by anonymous user will be in the memory right,

then use a microflow to trigger after LogIn to check whether cart has any products or not in memory.


If it has, then add that products to cart in the microflow itself and if not then continue.


To trigger a microflow after LogIn, use microflow to open the page which just opens after LogIn and call that microflw in that Page microflow.


Hope this helps.


Hi Naga,


This is quite a complex question. You have to do multiple steps to find back data of a public session into a signed in session. Make sure you connect data securely, so nobody can tweak data anonymously


I have setup a showcase for you in Mendix 10.8.

You can download it as a module here:


Hope this will help you