Validation for excel import

Hi, I want to validate that the uploaded Excel sheet has the same structure to prevent wrong data from being imported to the table. How can I apply validation for the header of the table that Name should fall under the Name column and so on. Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks & regards, Shivani
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Hi Shivai,


I see a possibility.

Import your excel data into a separate entity containing a string attribute for every column you want to import.

In the settings of the import template your can specify that you also want to import row number 1 ("Import from row number")

Screenshot 2024-03-22 151806.png

In that way you will get one extra object containing the column names.

After the initial import, you can validate the imported data including the column names using a microflow. Next you can parse the strings into the desired data type and put the result into the final target entity.


I hope this helps.