What to use to create and change a list?

Good Morning,  I am working on a school project.  We are creating a Task Tracker where an admin can assign a task to a user or multiple users at once and then view all the assigned tasks on a dashboard.  My question is how do I get create the microflow that will take the list of users that are selected in the form, assign the task and give each user a taskID that is unique to the user.  Right now when the task is assigned, the same taskID is associated with the user.  I want to have a unique task that is assigned to the users, so if the admin has to go in and delete the task it is only erased for that user, and not all users that are assigned that task.  I know creating a list, and iterating over the list and assigning a unique taskID is how to get it done, but should it be done in a microflow, nanoflow, or do I need to create a javascipt action that will do this for me?  I have attached some images to help illustrate what needs to be accomplished.  Thank you all in advance.  
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I don't think you should create an unique task for every user, but setup a custom 'delete' button (which actually doesn't delete the task, but removes the association for the user).


Replace your delete button with a microflow button. In the microflow you pass the task and the account, use a change object of 'Task'. Select the member Task_Account, set the Type to 'Remove' and give the account you want to remove from the task as member. This will empty the association between the task and the specific account.