CE1574 Parameter Dashboard of selected Microflow does not match available arguments

Hello All,    Currently I work on the project where I need to open the page with a microflow but the button have an error CE1574.  the microflow as below   If I try to delete parameter 'Dashboard' in the microflow will fix the CE1574 error but CE0109 error will appear with undefined variable 'Dashboard'   How to resolve CE1574 error with adding the 'Dashboard' to match available arguments?   Thanks.
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First error "CE1574 Parameter 'Dashboard' of selected Microflow does not match available arguments"

Is caused by the fact you connect the microflow with a parameter "Dashboard" in a grid which has context "Device". 


Second error: "Undefined variable "Dashboard"

Is caused by that the resulting variable of the input parameter is used in the microflow. Removing it caused that the microflow logic is broken.


How to solve these errors: rethink what you are doing. You are trying to trigger a microflow which requires input data, from a location where this data isn't available. 

So the questions you need to answer is:

  1. Why do I need to trigger this microflow?
  2. What is the goal of this microflow?
  3. What is the relation between the data in the datagrid and the microflow
  4. Where is the data which fills the gap between Device and Dashboard?
  5. How can you get this data?


Then remodel the microflow or use it as a sub in a microflow which fetches the required data.


Hope this helps