Display a microflow returned list in a Datagrid

This question was asked some time ago, but the answer back then was a link to another question that cannot be retrieved anymore. How can I show a list of objects returned by a microflow inside a datagrid?   Perhaps there is a specific complication in my case. I am triggering this microflow from an on click microflow in an anychart. Hence, it seems that this microflow can only take 1 parameter, being the attribute of an object that is created at runtime (I think!!)     So I am not even sure if I could use a helper entity that holds the list via association...
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Here is one way to do this:

First, suppose your domain model looks like this:



In a microflow, you could retrieve all OrderItems and create a WrapperEntity object like this



Then you could create a page like this:



And the last step in your microflow could be to open this page




Hope that helps you get started,



Hi Diego Davila,


I tried with the forum question you have attached here, I found out that it can be done.


There should be two microflows. First one with only Show Page Activity and with passing that object.


Then Second is with Parameter of that object and the logic with returning list of objects.

And the Datagrid Datasource should be second microflow.


I think this can be done like this.


I didn't understood your scenario to describe.