How can I apply custom filters for a data-grid using microflows?

I wanted to design and apply separate(outside the grid) filters for a datagrid. I've set the datagrid source to microflow.  I want to be able to set variable/parameter value when a button is clicked. Then, on click I want the microflow to run with Xpath data based on the variable value. Is this possible to achieve? Or any other microflow logic to achieve the result?
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Hi Priya,


This is indeed possible.

First, create a Non Persistent Entity having the attributes you want to filter on. Put the datagrid in an encapsulating dataview, showing an object of this FilterHelper. To create this object, either create one on navigation as page parameter, or create one using a datasource microflow or nanoflow as datasource.

Next, change the existing datasource microflow for your datagrid to have the FilterHelper as input parameter and apply your logic in the retrieves.


Hopefully you will succeed with these steps!

Kind regards,