How to retrieve the selected item from a combo box/reference selector?

I am trying to retrieve the selected item from a combo box/reference selector and use it as Xpath constraint. Any idea with this? The datasource of the combo box will come from association.   Thanks in advance.   This one is the main page in which the Invoice page will get its values from like the Job Order Number and TCV   This one is the Invoice page that has the said combo box/reference selector    So once the user selects the Job number from the reference selector, supposedly a Microflow will have it retrieved (the same Job number from the association) and add the numbers on the "Actual" tab from the Invoice page and the "Actual" tab from the Job Order page gets its total.
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You are saying the you want to use the associated item as xpath constraint. How/where do you want to use it exactly? Please edit/enhance your question or add a comment.


If you run a microflow on your main object holds the associated object, so you could use on change logic to get the required effect?

On a (input) reference selector, you can add constraints using existing associations. eg. When adding a person, you first select a country, in a second dropdown, you can only select the provinces/states related to that country.


Once you provide a bit more info, I might be able to guide you in the right direction.