Displaying Comment History

I have an entity called "Risk_Management" that has a "comment" attribute. I want to store the edit history of this "comment" attribute in a separate "Comment_History" entity, and display the previous comments in a list view below the comment text field. Please help me out to resolve this. Thank you!  
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Hello Asad,


You have now a 1-1 association between your entities meaning there can only be one comment related to your RiskManagement entity.


There are several ways to achieve what you want, I suppose the most easiest way is changing the association from 1-1 to 1-*(RiskManagement can have multiple comments) and adding a DateTime attribute which is filled with the currentdatetime when you create the entity (or use a system member but that is less flexible). Than for dataview and listviews you can use a datasource that sorts the comments on date, you can do for example a head to pick the first one and than show in a dataview to show the rest in a listview.


Good luck!


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