Microflow - not creating string from Enum

Good Afternoon,   I want to create an object changing the enum into a string. I am doing it on a microflow but it doesn't seem to be creating the string value. snippet below of what I am doing. I'm checking if a department is selected then changing an attribute to a string of the same department name. I am doing the below but the string value isn't updating. Can someone tell me what I need to be doing please?   Thanks   Jess  
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If you add a breakpoint, is the "true" route being followed?


I notice that you are passing in an Employee object, and creating a new Employee object on the "true" path. Should you be changing the passed Employee instead of creating the NewEmployee_Business object. If you are meant to be using the new object, are you using this instead of Employee?


I hope this is of some help.


Hi Jessica,


You can do it easily by using the function in the expression editor, i.e., toString(enum.value)


This will convert the selected enum value to the string, such that you can store that in string attribute.



for reference, you can refer below image.