Generate PDF Error

Hello, I am trying to generate a PDF document, so using the Marketplace module "DocumentGeneration"s microflow activity called "Generate PDF from page", when I pass a 'Context object' to the 'Page Microflow', does not work. This is the activity settings: I pass a commited "PDF_FiltroUsoDeHoras"   This is the microflow which is called by the previos activity: The parameter is the same type of object   When debugging, I see that before the generate activity, the object is correct:   Then, when calling the other microflow, the object is empty:   Does anybody know what is happening? Am I doing something wrong? Is it a module error? Thank you in advance, Rubén A.
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Did you commit the entity? Seems like the object is not in database yet for the PDF proces. 

The PDF transaction is a different transaction, so make sure the record is in the database. Committing in the same microflow will not  work without ending the transaction.