Globaly catch Nanoflow errors and log them on the backend

Hi,   is there a easy / best practise solution to catch errors in nanoflows and log them in the backend?   i know i can create custom error handlers but that would be a lot of effort for every nanoflow action.   I want to catch those errors so i can access them without setting up a live meeting with the user and demonstrating the error so i can access the browser log/console
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Hi Alex,


Generally speaking, Nanoflows are running in the client, they don't communicate with the backend, unless a connection is needed (Microflow call or data retrieval/sending).

So the thrown errors are not being logged on the server.


I think your best option would be the one you described. Use error handling to log important errors to the server.


Hope this helps!


P.S. Could be a great improvement to nanoflows though: Enable serverside error logging..