Select variables from one table to another

Could you give me advice on how to select the variables from the first table? By clicking on a check or selecting the variables in the table on the left. By clicking the arrow button pointing to the right, load the selected variables into the second table. And in turn, when the clear button is clicked, it clears the second table of the previous variables.
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Use two properties in an object to bind the data of two lists,If you are microflow remember to refresh the client


Imagine you have an entity called "data" where you have your actual objects created for each row with values as "SAP1 XXXXXXXX", "SAP2 XXXXXXX" and so on.


Now you have a second entity called "Selector" which a 1 - * association with the "data entity".


On the page, you add a layout grid with two columns. 

1. On the left column, retrieve all the "data" objects which are not associated to the "Selector" object.

2. On the right column, retrieve all the "data" objects which are associated to the "Selector" object.


When user hits on the right or left arrow, all you have to do is associate or de-associate the "data" object with the "selector" object and refresh the list to reflect the updated values.


Hope this helps!