The total amount cannot be calculated and communicated.

This is my problem. In version 9.6 I created a simple shopping cart with which customers can order items and where the total amount is neatly calculated. In version 10.1.1 this happens. The amount per line is calculated, but the total amount is not. This is what I did:   Then created the microflow   The attribute Totaalbedrag is calculated by first retrieving the data from the shopping cart. A variable is then created Totalbedrag with start value 0. In the course of each item found from the basket, the total is added to the variable by calculating price x quantity. The total amount must be recorded in Totaalbedrag at the end. This was the result of version 9.6 Does anyone have a solution for this?Thanks for your thoughts!
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Hi Henk,

Did you check with debugger at the end of the loop if sum is getting calculated, also you don't need loops we can calculate sum by list operation directly.