Do we have throttling mechanism ?

Hi Team,   From UI, I would like import the excel file and capture all data records from the excel (I am able to do it)   I would like to send this data to target system by rest (Single record as a single request) Instead of push data in bulk, i would like to split and throttle message by message and call rest API for each message.   Please let me know can we achieve via Mendix   Thanks
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Hi Shrinivas,

You can retrieve all the Objects from db, that are stored to excel import,

Now, Loop on them and Inside the loop you can create the microflow logic of sending the data through REST, and configure this microflow inside the loop to be executed in taskqueue.

THis way, you will be able to achieve it .

Hope it helps!


Yes you can. After the import you could just retrieve the first record do the REST call. Then set a boolean processed for this record and retrieve the next record that is not processed. Continue doing this untill there are no records left.