How to change a variables status when a button is clicked?

Hello, I'm creating an app where you can rent and rent out electronic devices.  Every product has an "availability" attribute which is a boolean.   What I want to do is, if a user adds a product into their cart, the availability attribute turns into a "No". What sort of a microflow would I need to create?   This is a picture of my domain model:   I'm new to Mendix and I'm not sure how to do this, I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me with this. If I need to add different entities please let me know.   Thanks   (Mendix 10.10.10)
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Hi Yusuf,

What you need to do is, once the user clicks on 'Add to Cart', you can use a microflow, to change the attribute status using the 'Change Object' activity, and set the product status to false.  This way, you can achieve your requirement.

Hope it helps!