Saving an Object with Validations In Microflow says An error occurred, please contact your system administrator.

Hi! I'm trying to make a "Contacts" app and the Save button was working normal until I wanted to make a Validation Microflow. I need the microflow checks the name or number valid or not and warns the user about it but It says "An error occurred, please contact your system administrator." I would really appreciate it if you could help me :)   ACT_Contact_Save Microflow: (Validation starts with "true" and if the decisions are false, it turns to "false") - "Name given?" Expression: $Contact/Name != empty - "Number given?" Expression: $Contact/PhoneNumber != empty - "Number correct?" Expression: $Contact/PhoneNumber <= 9999999999 and $Contact/PhoneNumber >= 1000000000   ACT_Contact_Create Microflow:   Domain Model and Standart Validations:
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I assume you get this error when you validate a empty number.

Comparing an empty value with < or = operators will return an error. Since calculations with empty/null isn't technically possible.


You can solve this by adding them empty check also in the second decision like this

$Contact/PhoneNumber != empty


$Contact/PhoneNumber <= 9999999999 and $Contact/PhoneNumber >= 1000000000


Another option is to move the second decision between the first decision and the first merge in the true flow.