Cant upload files with file manager

I am making a project with the following entities: a student, a studentassistant. if a student login then he goes to a form page. if the studentassistant logins then he goes to a studentassistant home page. i made a microflow to check if the user logging in is a student or studentassistant. this works well. the problem i encounter is that for the student page there is a form to fil in. here the student has some options to answer. the student also needs to upload back/front of his identification and here it goes wrong. i put a data view and set the entity as page parameter student. but some how the file manager wont be connected to the database. 
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Did you before you open the page check if the filedocument object already exist? You probably need to create the filedocument object first and attach it to the object of the page if you are using an association. You could also use a datasource microflow for the filedocument that either retrieves the object already there or creates a new filedocument object and returns that object.