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Hi Expert!   I am currently implementing an API, and in my current implementation, it needs to be redirected to the API's url in order to authorize the request.   Is there a way to redirect to a URL(API's url page) after a rest call, and once approved, the URL will then come back to the current page(my mendix app) along with the current requested code?   Is this achievable using the current microflow? or do I need to use another module?   TYIA.  
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Hey Gil!


You can make use of the deeplinks to redirect back to mendix (deeplink module)

The constant loginlocation will store your mendix app url from the external API while calling back the mendix url again.


So you will pass the mendix deeplink as a return URI to the external API which is returned while calling the mendix app again.


Read more here:


Hope this helps!


Hello GiL,

      Are you trying to use any familiar services API's where we can configure redirect URI's in the developer account.

    Eg:http://localhost:8082/oauth/v2/callback_azure for Microsoft Azure.

Hope this helps.