Transaction in mendix

  I am trying  to test the transaction behaviour of microflow here I am retriving Orders list (100 records ) from database and in microflow i am creating new order then i retrive orderlist from the DataBase in the same microflow I got 101 records from the order table. But how as per my knowledge transaction will end at the end of the micrflow right! here with out ending the complete transaction how am i able to get the latest committed object from the data base retrival . Can anyone please give explanination for this? 
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Hello Naveen Lotti,


This has probably to do with the subtransactions that mendix can do:


please see also this learning path:


In there is this snippet:


In Mendix, sub transactions are applied on each:

  • Commit action (including a single or multiple objects)

  • Action having an error handling behavior Custom without rollback


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