I need to store API structure values in the list. Could you tell me how I do it?

​​​​​​​Hi , I need to store the API Structure value in the list, but I am not able to do so. And once values are entered in the list, they need to be shown on the page or screen. SKYUP ID:-  SKYUP ID Please reply as soon as possible Best Regards Vednarayan  
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Hi Ved,


My understanding from your question is you want to store some value in a list and shown in page once you retrieve them from somewhere.


1. create a non-persistence entity in you domain model.

2. create the list of this entity and pass to the page.

3. your action button or any will cause the list to be updated need to trigger by the nanoflow

4. at the end of the nanoflow, you need to refresh object/entity targeting your list, so the change will be shown to the list.


Reason why need to do so:

1. Page Parameter does not accept primitive variable, they only accept object (in my knowledge)

2. Why use nanoflow, one of the way to update your non-persistent entity data that only exist in your memory without reload or go to other page.

3. If go to other page then you could simply pass the Page Parameter again to the Show Page action.

4. you need to play a bit around the nanoflow to make it work, like something you see the your list does not reflect to page, debug see if the data exists already or not then call refresh entity on the non-persistent entity, this is the easy way.

5.if you see the list is somehow duplicate, the reason might cause by the memory already exist, and same action fill the list is triggered, more data will be added to it, so your nanoflow need to clean the list at the start event.