Workflow solution in Mendix

Anyone aware of some commercial products, design patterns / model share / app store that can be used to implement a user workflow (i.e. screens showing prioritized user tasks, logic to route tasks based on user roles and workload, logic to re-route tasks when an SLA is exceeded, etc.)? Thanks!
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Hello Louis,

I developed a workflow solution 'Connect-Share-Do' which is intended to support multi-domain processes for small to large businesses and teams. It has some users but I am still looking for 'early adapters'. For new customers I offer free implementation and support now. So, if interested, please give send me an email or call me at +31(0)610 865 896.



You can build your own workflow enigine. I good place to start reading if you want to create your own is

I have builded a workflow engine this way in a couple of days that has been handling all our workflows for the last two years now.

Problem with most workflow engines is that it is very hard to make it appstore ready. In our case we have one mutation object that flows through the workflow engine. And that object is offcourse different for every workflow sollution.