Newbie: ANTLR expressions?

Please excuse the newbie question! I've just successfully completed the Mendix RAD course. I have a background from (real!) engineering and consulting, but haven't coded for 20 years.  During the course, the Microflow expressions were 'logical', but I wasn't 100% certain of the grammar or syntax.  This is obviously a critical and powerful area of Mendix, and the documentation says that the language is 'ANTLR' and that it follows a strucure: Are there any further webinars or short courses on this, or is it best to 'learn' ANTLR? Thanks in advance!  
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ANTLR really isn't necessary for Mendix development: from your links, I gather it's a tool the Mendix developers themselves used to create the microflow expression syntax. You should however, familiarize yourself with the microflow expressions themselves, and you can find the documentation here: Also, check out the subsections in the menu.