How to get list of users in a userrole

I have a UserRole 'Analyst'.  I have 3 users defined in this userrole.  I want to be able to get the list of users in this user role and display them in a drop down so the user can select the Analyst they want to assign a task to.   I have not been able to figure out how I can do this up to now.  Any ideas?   Thanks!  
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You could try to use a reference selector. In the tab "selectable objects" you can specify the following Xpath: 

[System.UserRoles = '[%UserRole_Analyst%]'] 

This way you will get a list of analysts to select from. 

Hope this helps. If not let me know!

Good luck!


Assuming your users are a specialization of System.User, you should be able to set the Source or your dropdown to XPath and the XPath constraint to

[System.UserRoles = '[%UserRole_Analyst%]']

However, I would recomment you create you own 'Team' or 'Group' entity to link to users, rather than the built-in userrole as it gives you more flexibility over access permissions, etc.