Confirmation Message

I have a scenario where in I need to place a confirmation message inside a microflow ,for example microflow A . The confirmation message should consist of option proceed and cancel . when user chooses proceed then again execution of microflow A should start . But the issue here is confirmation message is on a new page ,so when we navigate to new page we loose the context of microflow A and cannot continue with rest of the checks given in the microflow A.  Are there any suggestion to overcome this issue ?
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For the simplest confirmation scenario, there is an option on Action Buttons in Mendix to set a confirmation prompt. You can access this by right clicking and selecting "microflow options". If this fits your need (i.e., you need to confirm every time the user clicks this button), then you're all set.

If not (i.e., the confirmation is conditional), I built a widget that does this:

So, add the widget to your page, and configure it like this:

  • Primary microflow: a microflow that returns "true" or "false" to determine whether a confirmation message will appear
  • Confirm Microflow: the thing that happens when you click "proceed"
  • The rest of the widget properties should be self-explanatory

I don't think you'll be able to accomplish this with the out of the box confirmation messages.  

You'll need to build a small popup page that will prompt the user the proceed or cancel.  On this page, you can place a dataview with the entity you are using.  This popup page is what you should open from your microflow.  In this way, when the Proceed button on your popup window is clicked, you can pass the entity into your microflow again.