Hi, i have this request  when  input 2 attributes of type currency the summation should be reflected Directly in front of the users in a third text box for an attribute of type currency  any helping ideas
2 answers

1. Create an entity with three values, Number 1, Number 2 and sum (all of type integer)

2. Create a page to show the entity


3. Create an OnChange microflow, which:

i) Checks whether Number 1 and Number 2 are filled in ($AddNumbers/Number1 != empty and $AddNumbers/Number2 != empty)
false: exit MF
ii) Change AddNumbers entity, Sum value: Sum becomes $AddNumbers/Number1 + $AddNumbers/Number2.

DO NOT FORGET TO SET 'REFRESH IN CLIENT' TO YES! Or you won't see your changes.




3. Go to your form and set the On change MF for both input fields

It works now.



- Are your read/write rights set correctly? In other words, do you see the Sum value?

- Is the OCh_ microflow connected to both input fields?

- Is Refresh in Client in your Change action set to 'yes' (causing the client/web browser to request a new version of the AddNumbers item from the Mendix Business Server with the new Sum value)?


I assume that what you are trying to achieve is building a screen with two editable input fields of type currency. When both values are entered you should display the sum of the two in a third field.

You will need a third attribute in the entity that you are showing to hold the sum of the two other fields.

You will also need to configure an on change microflow on the two input boxes. This way when the value changes, you can do the summation, store it in the third attribute and refresh the screen.

Hope this is clear enough.