Cached object after saving with embedded dataview

Hi all, I have a form, with an embedded relation that are both saved together. So a standard form with an embedded form via a relation and an action button that takes both objects as parameters that then commits them and redirects the user to a page. The problem I'm having is that the embedded relation is saved, after an empty one is created. The empty relation has no values, but is shown in tables throughout the application and has broken a few microflows that utilize the first relation.  Note that the empty relation is not commited, logging out and back in causes it to dissappear.  I don't create the object anywhere beforehand or pass it to the page either and haven't been able to think of any other causes. Any ideas? UPDATE: So I have a form with a relation inside of it, they are saved together. For some reason 2 relations are visible after saving (as if 2 had been created), one is empty (all values are the default values) and one contains the wanted values. I'm trying to figure out where the empty one is being created seeing as I am not passing the relation to the form, only the "parent" and Mendix creates the relational instance itself. After the user submits the form both objects ("parent" and relation) are then passed to a microflow and saved/commited. The empty instance is then immediately visiable but is not saved/commited and therefore disappears after emptying your cache (logging out for example). Thanks in advance, Anees Saban  
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