Hard code answer values

Hi, I have two small questions about sending arguments to a microflow.  In a nested data view, why can't I pass the parent object (EnqueteInvitation) to a microflow? EnqueteInvitation is not known at Question data view, while it is nested in Enqueteinvitation. Is there any way of sending hard-coded values to a microflow?   Basically clicking on the first smiley should call a microflow with following arguments: 1 (AnswerValue) and EnqueteInvitation. I couldn't find a way to hard-code this value. Following errros are shown upon binding microflow from image button:   I expected Current_EnqueteInvitation to be known, since it is the upper parent of the Question scope. Also how can I set the AnswerValue (decimal). I tried creating a non-persistent Answer object, but don't know how to initialize and pass it to the microflow. Thanks in advance!  
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The widget you click on has a MF as data source, not an entity.

You could use a Retrieve action over association to get data from both entities combined.