Import data from Excel: more than 2 Entities at a time

I have a situation whereby I'm looking to import data for 3, or more associated entities at the same time from an excel sheet. How can I do this using Mendix. What I did: Followed instructions to understand how to import data from an XLS file: What I need to do: I have a company (entity) which has many facilities (entity) and each facitlity has several employees (entity). See E-R diagram below                       I want to import data for all employees via a spreadsheet, but am not sure how to get started. Here's what the excel sheet format looks like: CompanyName, CompanyAddress, ContactNumber, FacilityName, ContactNumber, Address, Email, MobileNumber The Excel template import add-only lets me import data for 2 entities with an association. How would I import data for 3 (or more) associated entities at the same time? TIA!
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The easiest way to do it is to import it into a flat entity with all of those attributes and then iterate over each in a microflow where you assign them to the appropriate place.