Call Sync-button from microflow

Is there a way to call the Sync-button from a microflow. My non-persistant object is correctly updated at Microflow and passed back to view. However the view doesn't show the updated data, only after pressing a sync-button. The 'Change object' has 'updated in client' enabled. Is there anyway I can let the microflow call the action underneath the sync-button? Edit: Added some more context. On the page below the user needs to answer a question. The question has it's own VisualizationMethod E.G. Stars, Smileys, YesNo, Open question. The correct table with controls (see below) gets shown on the VisualizationMethod bound to the current question. When the user clicks a smiley or a star. A Microflow gets called that updates the Closed Answer Value. This is a value in the EnqueteInvitationResultTemp (non-persistent) obejct. So for example, when the user clicks the third emoticon, the Closed answer value gets updated to 3.    First question has stars as VisualizationMethod, switching values (star 1 to star 5) correctly updates the Closed answer value live. Second question has emoticons as VisualizationMehtod, same goes for this one. Closed answer value is updated live. Third question has stars again as VisualizationMethod. Problem is, Closed answer value isn't updated live while clicking one of the stars. However the microflow gets called correctly and the Closed Answer Value is being modified correctly.  After clicking the 'Synchronize' button, the form refreshing and everything works as expected again, updating the Closed answer value on click on a star image.   It seems like the view is not always updated correctly, when it received data from a microflow. Eventhough we updated the object. I hope this context info doesn't overwhelm you. If so, please ask.   Thanks in advance!
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You should always refresh the topmost object. If you refresh that one the rest will also refresh. So in the microflow retrieve by some way the topmost object and do a refresh. If that is not working I need some more info on the layout of the page and how the NPE is refreshed.