Pass 1 user to user detail page

I am fairly new to Mendix and I have a bit of an issue;   I created an overview page for a specific type of user and I can see the users I added to the database in that list.  What I want is this: When you click on the name for example, I want the application to open a new page showing the specific user details for the user I clicked. I know it has to pass the user by using a microflow, but I can't seem to figure it out.  Thanks in advance.
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You could even do it without a Microflow. Create a page that has a Data View, with a User object as its data source. This will then be the caller of the page, automatically.

You can then add a button to the grid that contains all your users which refers to this page. By making that the default button, single or double click will trigger that action.

These kind of topics are also part of the introduction course of Mendix, which I could recommend.