Mendix Runtime Monitoring

I want to be able to use the Mendix Runtime monitoring actions. I have set up a json structure with the following format. I have then created a mapping from the json structure and created the following microflow     Within the Call REST i have set the location to the localhost:8090 and have set the following for the http headers.   The request is from the export mapping and the response is coming back as a string.   When i try to call the admin port from localhost:8080/ I am getting  {"result":-4,"message":"Authentication failed."} Is it possible to run the mendix monitoring actions from localhost:8080 to the admin port on localhost:8090? Is there any configuration that would need to happen to allow these actions to run when developing locally? Or a sample project that shows the set up of the monitoring call?   Thanks,  Jason
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The modeler automatically generates a new unique admin password every time you start the runtime from the modeler.

To determine this password you can look at the environment variables of the runtime java process. Easiest is to use a tool like process explorer.

See image for an example of what to look for in process explorer. This blog post describes how you can use the monitoring api using some scripting on your local machine:




You get that with an invalid password. Keep in mind that the request header must have a base64 encoded password not the plain password. 

So if the password is the nr: 1 your X-M2ee header should say MQ==