Not being able to associate an entity to a MF entity of MxModelReflection, why?

/Goodmorning,   Guys I am trying to associate an object {Supplier} with a microflow entity {IVK_CheckInformation} of the MxModelReflection, so that this MF get executed with the Javafunction when i retrieve the Supplier. When I am trying to make the association {Supplier_Microflows/Microflows/Name} in its Data view I do see all the microflows synced in the MF, also the one I am aiming for {IVK_CheckInformation} . But when I select the MF in this Reference Selector, the association set hisself again to empty :). So I am not able to make this association. MxModelreflecion is synced again and I checked the access rights, it is read and write.   I don't get it at all, why the MF is visible but not selectable? Has anyone an idea?     in the object the association to the microflow/name
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How are you selecting the microflow, are you populating the reference selector with a microflow? Then you might have an issue in the way you're getting the data. 

Are there restrictions on the reference selector? Could be that these are setup incorrectly.

Are there on change actions on your reference selector, that influence the content of the field?

These would be things I would check as this association is the same as any other association. I have created an example of the thing you'd want in a couple of minutes without the issue. If you want I can share this, it might help in finding a solution to your issue.


You can not associate a microflow to an entity in Mendix.

You can create an event handler in the entity, but only on create, delete, commit and rollback.

I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish. Did you do the mendix introduction course yet?