Parameters of selected argument do not match available arguments; MF does not return object.

Hi, guys! Pretty new to Mendix. We are creating a wizard page, and are tring to allow the user to pass through to subsequent pages. On our wizard page [Activities], we have a datasource leading to our MF entitled "Business_Model_Development.Act_MF". Each dataview (1-6), activates a MF. For example, Dataview 1 [Activities] activates the "Business_Model_Development.Act_MF". In the actual Act_MF, for example, in the parameter output the data type is "object", and Business_Model_Development.Activities is selected. We have included an exclusive split, with sequence flows leading to an activity (i.e., "Retrieve Activity List from Database"). The list is enumerated, and the sequence flow then leads to an end event. Finally, the MF also does not return an object. Any assistance would be greatfully appreciated.
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Something you've built is expecting a microflow to return an object.  

I am assuming you see the error in the Modeler.  If you click on the error message, it will take you to the microflow where the issue is, then you can see what is causing the problem.

If you are using a microflow as a datasource for a dataview, it must have a return type of Object of a particular entity.  This may be where your problem is.

If you can provide more specifics (maybe a screen shot?) that may help in troubleshooting.