How to add new associations (more than one) to an existing object, using a microflow, between two entities with a many to many relationship

Hello again,   Again I am writing about something I believe must be very simple, but that I am struggling with.   I have 2 entities - users and contracts A user can be associated to many contracts and a contract can be associated to many users I am importing this data from an external system, so I am using a microflow to create the entities and their associations When adding a first association, it works fine When adding a new one, it just replaces the old one (see below the summary of the steps I am using) Getting the user and the contract Changing the user Setting the association to point to the contract When I read it, it sounds obvious it's going to replace the old one - my problem is I can't find a way to add a NEW association…how can this be done?     Again, thanks in advance for all your help! Gonçalo
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In the Change action, beneath the Member you can choose the Type. This should be 'Add' in stead of Set. For 1-1 1-* associations this can only be 'Set' but for *-* you can change it


Did you set or add the reference? Because when you set the referrence you replace the reference while offcourse add would add the reference.

And if you do not have the add option check your reference because then it is not a multiple - multiple reference.