Automatically execute a workflow on home page load

I want to display the number of requests that a user has pending on the homepage. The "microflowlabel" doesn't work anymore in Mendix 6 and the alternative "use an action trigger" requires a user to click in order to see the result... I want the number of requests immediately visible without clicking a button. I have created a microflow that returns the correct output, but I don't know how to execute it after loading home page. I have tried the microflowtimer widget, but it keeps telling me that the microflow should have one parameter of a type equal to the listview that i have put the widget in. I have tried a lot of other things already on the forums, but nothing seems to work for my scenario. Can anybody help? Best Regards, Peter
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Have you tried looking at the Custom String widget from the app store?  This allows you to use the results of a microflow to create a string to be displayed on your page


Hey Peter, What I normally do is creating a non-persistent entity, so it isn't stored in the database. I put the attributes (The amount of tasks) that I want to show in the entity. On the dashboard I put a dataview containing that object with a microflow as datasouce. With the microflow timer widget in that dataview I refresh the attributes of the non-persistent object to recalculate the tasks. For the layout I use styling something like this example

I hope this helps and will give you some input.