Validations,Microflows and event handlers

Hi i wanted to know a few things:  1.The validations specified in the validation rules section of an entity is done on client side or server side?If on client side then how do we do it at server side or the other way round. 2.Apart from the level at which validation is being done.What is the difference between validating via a microflow and validating using validation rules for an entity? 3,Apart from the context in which an event handler is called,is there any other usecase where an event handler is more beneficial.   
1 answers
  1. Validations are done server side, except for form validations (thanks Pieter)
  2. Validation rules for entities are less intelligent than microflow validations. In a microflow you can do conditional validations.
  3. Entity validations are triggered one-by-one, which is not convient for me. You need to press the save button, fix validation 1, press save and fix validation 2, and so on.
  4. Entity validations are always triggered, in case of unattended scheduled microflows is not always want you want.
  5. Validations may differ per role. EDIT 2: in case the same page is used by two roles, data-entry and data-management, the data-entry only has simple validations and data-management may check against the ERP for example, or you have configured security like 'Role Junior can make payments less than $1000' 'Role Senior < $5000' Manager 'Unlimited'. This amount is stored in an entity maintained by a functional manager.
  6. Form validations are sufficient for simple validation like 'field required'.
  7. Creating  a full validation microflow for a lot of attributes is quite a lot of work.