Making an api call and mapping the response

Hi, I have been trying to call a REST api and map the response which is in JSON fromat to the database. I read the mendix documentation but still i am not clear with the concept, so can you plz help me on how to call a REST service via REST call action in microflow and map it to db so that i can use that data in my app?   Thanks, Nishanth  
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what i do is for a get call;


1 - create json structure (paste an example json response)

2 - create import mapping (select elements - json structure: see 1 - check all

3 - make the mf that has a call rest api -> fill in the call rest activity details....choose in response; import mapping for entire response: mapping of point 2..

4 - make an error handler to if the calls failes to check the stacktrace.