Need solution for a data view selecter

Hi there!   I'm currently working on a data grid view. I need a button that can show a data grid of the association data grid just like the edit button. The edit button can only be used in a form format, is there a way to change this?   Example: (Data grid) [Customer 1] [action] [Customer 2] [action]   The action button need to open an other view if you clicked on the action button next to customer 1 for example:   (Data grid) [Customer 1] [Order 1] [Order 2]        
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On the page with the customer datagrid:

  • Add a dataview
  • Use Listen To as a data source
  • Select the customer datagrid as the listen target
  • Inside of the dataview, place a datagrid
  • The nested datagrid can retrieve orders via the association between customer and orders
  • Place an edit or action button in the control bar of the orders datagrid and mark it as default
  • This will enable you to edit orders when you click or double click on a row in the orders datagrid, depending how your datagrid is configured

With this structure, when you select a customer in the first datagrid, you'll see all of their orders listed in the second datagrid.

Hope that helps,