Filter search based on higher-level entity

I'd like to filter servicepakket & dienstenpakket based on Proces (or Hoofdproces) and Netwerk. Ideally, a filter that has the same style as most websites, set on the left side with a clickable name + checkbox. I think I could retrieve a list of pakket and then filter based on the checkboxes but I have no idea where to go from a basic checkbox listview. The search page has a Listview for the generalization Pakket. I'd like to show a filter on the left side of the page.   The domain model below is how I've set up the associations. It's a work in progress since I'm still learning how to use Mendix so ignore my attempt at a filter based on Pakket > Proces/Netwerk association.  
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I think you should add an attribute which defines some specific traits of your process or netwerk entities, as for now you cannot use checkboxes because your only available attributes on these entities are strings.

Furthermore I think you can accomplish the above described scenario with some on-change microflows; whenever you select a option on the left side, a microflow can be triggered which retrieves a list of Pakket objects based on the selection you made with your checkboxes.

alternatively you could opt to make a selection in your left-bar and also add a button in this bar with a caption like 'filter' or 'refresh'. You can then execute the retrieve MF from here.

Also, if I understand your question correctly, you are wondering how to display the list correctly in a list view? If so, you can do so by setting an association between the Pakket objects which should be displayed and a parent object (can even be currentUser). When de-selecting an filter option, you just empty the association again.