Is it possible to retrieve the parameters from a URL?

Is it possible to access a microflow using a URL and add parameters to this URL? I want this to send out a url of a survey to a specific person and link this person to the answers.
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You could indeed use the Deeplink module, if you want full control you could also create a custom request handler, this needs some knowledge of Java:

- create a Java action from the moduler called something like 'StartCustomHandler'

- in the usercode add the requesthandler using the following code:

  Core.addRequestHandler("mycustomhandler", new CustomHandler());

- In the extra code or another file implement CustomHandler which extends RequestHandler

- Implement processRequest(IMxRuntimeRequest request, IMxRuntimeResponse response, String arg2) throws Exception

- Use IMxRuntimeRequest.getParameter(String arg0) to get your added Parameters

- Handle the incoming request