Validation feedback returns a message box instead of red text below the widget

I have been trying to create a validation microflow for a page. The validations appear to be working fine but instead of the red text below the widgets, it is displaying a single message box with all the validation feebacks.   Modeler version : 7.0.2 Claim and Client entities are in a 1-1 association.    
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The validation feedback will search through the page to find the object and attribute that you specified in the activity. However if the browser can't find a visible textbox it will show the validation feedback message in a popup.

Since you are getting a popup I would assume that either your page isn't showing the 3 fields that get a validation message, or those fields are hidden through conditional visibility.


I would recommend checking your microflow and confirm which on object (variable) your passing your validation feedback and make sure that these fields are visible. 

Just for reference if you have trouble locating which fields get validation messages you could also check the reponse in the browser dev tools. The reponse contains all the validation feedback instructions.


This probably caused by the input custom widget. Before 7 if the validation was not handled than it would not popup.

From 7 on you have remove the validation if you subscribe to it. Sample

// Subscribe to validations of an MxObject
var subscription ={
    guid: "123213",
    val: true,
    callback: function(validations) {
        var reason = validations[0].getReasonByAttribute("MyAttribute");
        console.log("Reason for validation error on attribute MyAttribute: " + reason);


Check if there is an update for your widget, els try to find an other (core) widget or report at the creator your issue.


Cheers Andries




Also happens in 6.10 - in all cases where the page needs longer to load, for example running a validation after opening a page (e.g. control for webservice data)

so same result as for you, fields present (without validation messages) but a popup with all the validation message texts

I used a styled text field as a work around, which is not very nice, since you need an attribute for each validation message and onChange events


i am also facing same issue for associated entities showing message box instead of red text below textbox


Below response i am getting "name_val" in javascript pop up

"actionResult": null,
    "datavalidation": [{
        "guid": "18577348462903802",
        "errorFields": [{
            "name": "name_val",
            "message": "dsdda"
    }, {
        "guid": "2533274790396405",
        "errorFields": [{
            "name": "Probability_of_Conveyance",
            "message": "error"
        }, {
            "name": "PropertyId",
            "message": "please enter property id"