Cascading rollback and default cancel button

Hello, I have the following entities: A one to many B B one to many C In a specific screen I show a top level dataview which includes A attributes and if existing C attributes. Whenever changes are made to the form I want to present the user with 2 options, cancel (rollback all changes) or save (save all changes). This works perfectly with the default buttons Save and Cancel. However a hard business requirement is  that upon closing all kinds of business logic gets fired concerning which agent is currently viewing the form, so ive made custom action buttons mimicking save and cancel and also handeling the logic. In the cancel microflow I say rollback entity A, which works however changes made in C are not being rolled back.. which does happen when using the default cancel button. Options I have considered: Rollback all entities in a single microflow with a loop construction that checks if associations exists and if so do the rollback. Find a way to call the default cancel behaviour from within the custom cancel microflow. Is there any better approach for this situation? thanks in advance,   Selwyn de Jonckheere      
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This could be a cache problem, you can check this by changing the value of enitity C and closing the session. If the Entity of C is the same as for the change, than this is your problem. A possible fix would be refreshing object A


Closing the session did indeed work, however refreshing entity A did still show the cached result.

I solved this by retrieving all associated objects and doing a rollback there.