Reading JSON file using Import Mapping Method

Hi All,  I am uploading the JSON file and expecteing it to store in the Mendix database using Import Mapping.  The data is not imprted for attached JSON snippet. The entity structure is starting from mnemonic i didn't include data in the JSON structure. So i want to exclude the metadata also as shown below.   { "data": { "mnemonic": [ { "code": "VOF", "name": "V.O.F.", "type": "CLIENT", "client": [ { "entity": "NV", "code": "TEST1" } ], "outright-client": [ { "account-number": 2132 } ] }, "meta-data": { "count": 1234, "as-of": "20170215132000GMT", "date-time": "20170215132000GMT" } }  
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Rohit, if the json data you are receiving does not contain the attributes data and meta-data then you need to create a new json structure with just {"mnemonic": [ {"code": "VOF", }...]} or  even just with [{"code": "VOF", }...]
This json structure can be used for creating a mapping to convert the json to entity instances. 
After the entity instances are created you can associate them to other entity "Data".