Error in Excel Exporting

Hi, I am getting the empty excel downloaded for my application data.I have organisation,person and a system.file Document entity,created a  new template in excel exporter with input object as organisation entity and row object as person entity and also added a column data selected by attribute option.In my organization overview page,I have a action button that calls a microflow which has input parameter has organisation.In the microflow Iam retreiving MxTemplate from the database and creating a object for file document and calling a java action with templateobject is mapped to  MXTemplate list,output document is mapped to file document that has been created just before this java action and input object is mapped to input parameter of the micoflow.please help to solve this issue.Thanks in advance.  
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Have you downloaded the modelreflection module? And have you refreshed the modelreflection for the modules which your (used)domain model is part of?