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We are creating a shopping application for a schoolproject. I've added a "catalogus" where customers can see the products and press on an action button to add the product to the shopping cart.    After pressing the "Toevoegen" button the customer will call a microflow, which will add a new object to the shopping cart. I can't figure out how to get manual input from the user and determine the amount of the product they want to order. When I try to add a new input field it wont work. My microflow looks as follows; Thanks in advance!
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Hi Boris,

One approach to solve this would be to display a popup where the user can specify an "Amount". Here is a complete example in the modeler. You will need to create another entity to hold the amount attiribute. In my example this Entity is called "ProductOrder".







Here is the microflow you see in the screenshot so that you can see what happens insude the two actions. Basically you need to make sure to set the assiciation between product and productOrder and then pass the newProductOrder object to the popup page. Also make sure to use the popup layout .


There are probably other better solutions out there but this is pretty simple and it doesn't use datasource microflows.

I hope this helps,